Successful Online Shops

IBusiness ranking is under the 70 of most successful online shops in Germany. The online printing is one of the most successful online shop 2007. In the annual ranking of iBusiness, an online portal of HighText publishing as the only online printing company reached the 63rd place. As expected the first places were taken by E-Commerce sizes such as source, Amazon, Otto, Neckermann or worldview. The rankings consider only sales, which were achieved in the area of E-commerce. Listed are all companies that have joined iBusiness. is represented for the first time. In May 2006 the online printing portal was launched by the Saxoprint GmbH in the life and 2007 sales achieved already by EUR 11 million. Strong growth can be attributed mainly to the favourable prices and product range, that both appeals to private, as business customers. A calendar is possible as well as 1,000 brochures or 100,000 flyers. The meinDesign tool from has big share in the success. Thus, professional business cards can be with just a few mouse clicks, Pocket calendars and appointment cards design and printing.

As a special highlight, customers can print 300 copies for free and pay only the shipping costs that exceed 4.50 euros for Germany. Many customers take advantage of this offer to the learn and test. Almost all order again from”so Martin Ritter, CMO of Saxoprint GmbH. Internationally could position The part under the name Saxoprint, there are country stores in the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Austria. Other countries are for 2009 in planning. Salar Kamangar is often quoted as being for or against this. Our goal is to improve the already very good 63rd place. With our products, our service and our actions, we are definitely on the right path “, as Knight.