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Share this article: Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico during a stay of his parents in the Caribbean island. Is the largest of the 3 children of the couple formed by the Spanish singer Luisito Rey (Luis Gallego S nchez) and Italian actress Marcela Basteri, his brothers are Alexander (two years younger) and Sergio respectively. Because the profession of his father, his family is in Mexico, where he acquired, then citizenship in 1991. In 1969, her performance in the film The Sterile Cuckoo (The Sterile Cuckoo) Alan J. Pakula gave him his first nomination for an Oscar in Hollywood. But it was in 1972 when it won the Oscar for best actress for her role as Sally Bowles in Cabaret.
Minnelli is the only Oscar winner whose parents also won. He has also won an Emmy for the 1972 TV special Liza with a Z, and in 1990 received a Grammy Award in recognition of his career. In addition, he has won two Golden Globe Awards for Cabaret and the TV movie A Time to Live.
A Minnelli as her mother, is known for his powerful vocal style, as evidenced by their songs and the famous theme Cabaret New York, New York, main song of the movie New York, New York by Martin Scorsese, who starred Liza with Robert De Niro. Liza sang the song in the film, but today is the most famous version of Frank Sinatra.
Back in the 80s, again gaining momentum as a pop singer with a bold album Results, produced by British duo Pet Shop Boys. As a first single was released Losing My Mind Stephen Sondheim composed and second, Do not Drop Bombs, whose bold musical video appeared half-Liza, with a fabric that wraps itself in your body by the force of the air. Results also included a version of Twisting My Sobriety by Tanita Tikaram.
In 1994, Liza record a duet with Frank Sinatra (I’ve Got the World on a String) for his successful Duets album, and in 2009 was published another one with Charles Aznavour (including the double album entitled Duos Aznavour) .
More recently has appeared as guest star in the acclaimed television series Arrested Development, representing the socially retarded sexual and loving Buster Bluth.
After a knee operation, problems with multiple addictions and some ups and downs, Minnelli is still active and in 2007 a tour passing through Spain, divided into two parts: success of his career, and dedicated to her godmother, a repeating issued by special TV. He earned a resounding success in its activities in Madrid. In July 2008, participated with great success at the Festival de Jazz de San Sebastian and would also act in Moscow, in a very exclusive recital.

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