Configuration of the conventional notions of economic system: the environment arises

The concept of conventional economics that nature is a secondary or no role in the independent home-entertainment distribution company production compared to capital and labor, I think the idea of the environment. music In contrast to the primitive notions that we live and depend on nature.
At this time I was finally the TBI current version of “environment”, a term used unnecessarily repetitive brain injury at present composed of facts that the conventional economic theory (classical, neoclassical, Keynesian and Marxist) gradually let out of their object of study because Instead of following only the alleged scientific rules of the game was heavily influenced during its construction as Traumatic Brain Injury a science (nineteenth century) by using common practices in accounting and business according to the ideology and interests of the emerging bourgeoisie, which led to the redefinition of their basic conceptual categories now finally focus on the furniture (including a property is valued mainly according to their price), ie the money
The scarcity that once was common sense because there was nothing infinite except God, step denote insufficient money to buy all the baskets of goods and films the corresponding need to choose what it means in fact a progressive miserabilizacion, the investment firm needy man, by Author Wolgang as Sachs and Marshall Sahlins. The shortage is determined by the asymmetry of means and ends: in our individual companies can philanthropy not get more than a negligible part of the whole range of goods.
Sahlins argues that the primitive Genius Products economy of abundance is paradoxically Brain Trauma Foundation because the needs are few and the means to meet them Inc. are available to all, spend less time today to work and lack of eagerness to accumulate wealth. Companies with State and extended their eagerness increased accumulation Pierre Clastres. What we now call the work appeared as an aspect of society and no bad connotations today, in a sense did not work. Moreover, an increase in productivity resulted in more President of and Chairman of leisure time creatively.
Wealth, which included all the property price and without sunlight and soil fertility, came to mean money and produce and video games to be understood as a synonym for old material to create, after a complex process that took into account the 1 law of thermodynamics but ignored the 2 BTF , finally fell to resell at a profit.
Abandoned mine, the fate of fossil resources are exhausted, if the waste does not exceed the limits before.
Coal, for example, is produced, ie, a stock that is extracted and sold out by subtracting the cost of the outcome of the sale, does not take into account the natural process of concentration or abundance in the earth’s crust and which assumes that a depleted farm depreciation (the equipment, and the granting of work) will automatically allow more coal to get a new mine, generally is not considered physically exist if these LLC new mines. This online debate is framed oil on the roof.
The capitalist market also caused the destruction of renewable resources such as fisheries.
A similar example but with a renewable resource is the case of fisheries, excess mining capacity of large fleets of height is transferred from one area to others after their collapse. The sea is largely a property of free access (except the continental shelf) should not be confused with the commons, it is rational for each firm to obtain the maximum benefit to do so before the competition, leading to resource depletion and the unemployment of thousands of people. As happened in Newfoundland, currently awaiting an eventual recovery of cod stocks. This does not prevent fresh water in the capitalist management does not lead to serious problems: In 1945 the president of neighboring Peru and governments supported the establishment of the exclusive economic zone to prevent overfishing by foreigners but are local entrepreneurs who resulted in the late sixties.
Instead the U.S. reflects on the institutional environment that promotes a fair and proper management of resources, provision of free nature through concepts such as the physical cost of replacement to better guide the management of mineral resources, the knowledge of science physical and biological to improve water management, forests, fisheries, etc..
The concept of work also suffered a deep transformation to fit the new concept of economic system, so the classical age Antigo, where there was no word equivalent to the current, was considered unworthy salaried work or develop skills for a profit.

June 8 (Bloomberg) – Stocks fell in Europe and Asia amid speculation that the stock prices than the outlook for profit growth after a three-month rally. U.S. futures slide.
June 12 (Bloomberg) – Chinese stocks trading in the U.S. fell the most in a week as the prospects of new share sales in the mainland overshadowed better-than-expected economic reports.
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by Edward Krudy
June 10 (Bloomberg) – European stocks rose for the second day, led by mining and energy shares, such as copper and oil climbed to the highest in more than seven volunteer months amid evidence the recession relaxation.

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