Regional Development

This article has for objective to identify, which had been to the public politics of Ambient Sanitation and which effect they had produced for the development of the city of Indaial, in last the ten years. It was used of the analysis of data, documents, materials and bibliographical consultations as well as of interviews through questionnaires as methodology for this study of case. Through this analysis we conclude that the experience carried through in the city of Indaial, without shade of you doubt is an interesting model to be used. Compared the Brazilian reality and mainly of the region of the average valley of the Itaja, Indaial certainly deserves prominence and made jus to the prizes that received. The workmanship of sewer in Indaial not yet this finished, fits to the managers of> next administrations to give continuity so that this project can be taken to its end. The goal of the project is to arrive close to the one hundred percent of collecting net and treatment of sanitary exhaustion in functioning. What more flame the attention in the example of the experience of the city of Indaial was in the implementation of the shared Management, between city hall and CASAN. Indaial was the first city to carry through this partnership, that today already is happened again in some cities in the state.

For this fact it is reference in the state for other cities that interest in this model of management has. What also it calls the attention in the example Indaial and that was from the collective and participativo planning, that if elencou an action series to be executed. Actions that had been carried through of a time, creating law, secretary, deep, advice, authorizeing accord with the CASAN and establishing norms, goals, and principles to be followed. Indaial gave a true jump of quality in substance of Management politics of Ambient Sanitation. Our interest for this study must it will of the researchers be produced a work that can contribute to divulge and to demonstrate exitosas experiences that demonstrate that when exist will politics and of the society, everything become possible, in substance of respect and preservation to the environment. The present article is a study on developed the public politics of Ambient Sanitation in the city of Indaial/SC, in last the ten years. This article has as objective generality to identify to which the effect generated for the public politics of Ambient Sanitation in the City of Indaial in Santa Catarina, and as objective specific, to analyze laws and documents norteadores of the politics of ambient sanitation and to identify to the main actions generated for these politics. As data of the IBGE (2003), the situation of basic sanitation in Brazil needs investments.