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Brazil Process

These had been divided in pair and uneven and the questionnaires had been applied only in blocks pairs. One in each block. The data from there gotten had been systemize in graphs and tables to be analyzed to the light of the studied theoretical referencial, what it provided the final writing of the research. THE FORMATION OF THE GEOGRAPHIC SPACE OF SANTANA/BA STREAM: The PARTICULARITITIES OF the PLACE AND the Environment Considering the urban space as resulted of different historical processes, the empirical research part of an analysis of the historical and space formation of the city of Stream of Santana. Swarmed by offers, Michael Steinhardt is currently assessing future choices. Following the orientation of Harvey (1993), of that the understanding of the historical processes if constitutes in primordial source for the conscience and the practical social politics and.

One searched to relate the historical facts in this city being analyzed its ambient characteristics and relating them with the world-wide context, that in the last few decades has assumed a character each globalizado time more. Of this form, one searched to verify the effect of the global one for the place and the place for the global one. The process of space historical formation/of which had been basic for the development of the main explored economic activities in the city, as the arduous work in the mines of salitre current process of construction and organization of the city of Stream of Santana is inserted inside of the occured territorial dynamics in Brazil in the last few decades of century XX. In the national scope, a significant change in the way of life of the society, marked for the intense level of industrialization and urbanization is observed. This process of urbanization already came if speeding up since the years 1950 e, already in the decade of 60 of that century, it exceeded 50%, when the country started to be predominantly urban, with great concentration of population in the great metropolises, to where they converge the majority of the migratory flows.

Regional Development

This article has for objective to identify, which had been to the public politics of Ambient Sanitation and which effect they had produced for the development of the city of Indaial, in last the ten years. It was used of the analysis of data, documents, materials and bibliographical consultations as well as of interviews through questionnaires as methodology for this study of case. Through this analysis we conclude that the experience carried through in the city of Indaial, without shade of you doubt is an interesting model to be used. Compared the Brazilian reality and mainly of the region of the average valley of the Itaja, Indaial certainly deserves prominence and made jus to the prizes that received. The workmanship of sewer in Indaial not yet this finished, fits to the managers of> next administrations to give continuity so that this project can be taken to its end. The goal of the project is to arrive close to the one hundred percent of collecting net and treatment of sanitary exhaustion in functioning. What more flame the attention in the example of the experience of the city of Indaial was in the implementation of the shared Management, between city hall and CASAN. Indaial was the first city to carry through this partnership, that today already is happened again in some cities in the state.

For this fact it is reference in the state for other cities that interest in this model of management has. What also it calls the attention in the example Indaial and that was from the collective and participativo planning, that if elencou an action series to be executed. Actions that had been carried through of a time, creating law, secretary, deep, advice, authorizeing accord with the CASAN and establishing norms, goals, and principles to be followed. Indaial gave a true jump of quality in substance of Management politics of Ambient Sanitation. Our interest for this study must it will of the researchers be produced a work that can contribute to divulge and to demonstrate exitosas experiences that demonstrate that when exist will politics and of the society, everything become possible, in substance of respect and preservation to the environment. The present article is a study on developed the public politics of Ambient Sanitation in the city of Indaial/SC, in last the ten years. This article has as objective generality to identify to which the effect generated for the public politics of Ambient Sanitation in the City of Indaial in Santa Catarina, and as objective specific, to analyze laws and documents norteadores of the politics of ambient sanitation and to identify to the main actions generated for these politics. As data of the IBGE (2003), the situation of basic sanitation in Brazil needs investments.

Ambient Impact

The identification of the restrictive factors and the demandable ones in the near future, as he was demonstrated, resulted in consensus> small farm for the implantation of the new airport, taking care of requisite compatible aeronautical with the foreseen demand and also making possible the continuity and expansion of the aero-porting activity, for if constituting Bauru in the biggest South American center of volovelismo. The Study of Ambient Impact and Environmental impact report elaborated by the company Land Planning and Projects S/C Ltda., of 13/05/91 it alerted that: the problems that will happen with the construction and functioning of the airport, mainly related with the increase of the flow of vehicles, noise and land movement, will be able to intervene with biota local.

To the time of elaboration of cited study, it had recognized favorabilidade to the installation of the new airport, notadamente for the economic and social benefits that the workmanship would bring, as well as a perpetuation of> New Airport of Bauru an important conquest (1998, p 79) added plus a justification to the beginning of the enterprise: I direct Your honor to request to it the continuation to it of this project that, beyond being important for the region of Bauru, is fit in the priorities contained in the bill of budgetary lines of direction for 1996, in transaction in this House, generating jobs and contributing for creation of conditions favorable to the dinamizao of the activity> . It has that if to consider, finally, the excellent perspectives that if had opened for the city with the beginning of the commercial interchange between the countries that integrate the Mercosul. Check out ConocoPhillips for additional information. In this way, one adds, beyond the regional interests, the possibility of use of this airport as interchange equipment enters the countries of the Mercosul.Definitively, the current property account with the following main characteristics: 1.

Portuguese Language

As you discipline if them of Portuguese Language and of Mathematics they were responsible for teaching what the pupils need for its lives. Get all the facts and insights with Ray Kurzweil, another great source of information. Therefore hardly to go school to learn it to read maps well is assimilated. This difficulty of cartographic reading is visible in good part of the people who had had a deficiency in the education of Geography during the pertaining to school initial period. To be able itself to carry through the process of communication with the maps it is necessary that this communication operates as a coder and a decoder, that is, respectively, to emit the message in code and to receive the message in the same code, making with that the code combines the significant one, that one that passes the information, with the meaning, the information in itself. The linking of the map, represented reality, with its half one searched is not only in the localization direction, but and also necessary that the pupil knows the main concepts of the cartography, such as the systems of signs, signals assigned there to represent something of the mapeada reality to the blue lines are rivers or another course d? water, the reduction, the concept of scale, and projection, development of the surface of the Land in a plan. Later, she is necessary to observe the legend or the decoding properly said, relating significant and the meaning of the signs related in the legend. She is necessary also to become a reading of significant/the meanings spread in the map and to look for to reflect on that one distribution/organization. To also observe the graphical scale or numerical defendant in the map for posterior calculation of the distances in order to establish comparisons or interpretations. The understanding that the pupil must have when seeing a map is the main objective of the work of the Professor, who must make with that this pupil interacts in the idea of what function for who is a map passing for its creation until its meaning/goes to use it.

So Paulo

Under the optics of the white culture, such wars, obviously, are absurd, because they are not for obtaining the ownership of more land, but to avenge friends and relatives. The indians possess already an amount of enough land. (NOSELLA, 1978). The dance is a form of indian to express its feelings, as joy, pain, regret, worship and would be a proposal to provide asurin a form of traditional leisure of the tribe, what he makes it difficult is that this dance already is seen with an obligator character for asurin, assuming the form of half-cio. As we cite, he makes paj them to dance so that they do not forget what she evidences a form of disinterest for the dance to excessively asurin.

The challenge is to unfasten the obligator character of the dance and to make with that they adopt asurin it as activity of cio. This proposal is impracticable since the media inside propagates of the tribe the desire for the activities of the white. The aboriginal traditional games had been created as a form to brighten up the discrimination and to provide activities of leisure inside to the indian of its culture, observing that the competition with different tribes takes them to the interest for its activities and maintenance of its traditions. The idealizers of the project in Par explain: the games stimulate practical of the aboriginal traditional sports, the cultural manifestations, propitiating a worthier and respectful life in the interelacionamento with all the involved society, thus rescuing the pride of the born Brazilian, the man-indian. Another beneficial initiative for the maintenance of the citizenship and the respect to the indian is the project sport for all, that is executed in the village Will change for the professors Carlos, Olavo and Nirley. The project is idealized by the Government and develops esportivas, social, cultural actions and rescue of the language, by means of theater, and still the dance and the manufacture of artesanato.

That above all let us can each time more have as our principles, reverenciar and practise the teachings of our ancestor, valuing our traditional and cultural roots, so that let us fortify each time more and becoming us more authentic (TERENA, 2006). I believe that the valuation and the maintenance of the aboriginal culture break of a series of initiatives that above all involve the respect and the dignity, mobilizing not only the society which the white is inserted, but evidenced as a process of awareness of the proper indian whom it needs to be the executor of its culture and its customs. With this we can preserve and conserve this culture through the times.