Physical Education

… many, had not obtained to lose the shyness that were printed in its faces and had only finished sanctioning with palms and laughs the excessively aged ones that if presented. We trainees, also contribute with poems and verses, and with joy the aged ones had applauded and been able to perceive that this historical rescue, can be lived at other moments of the life and diverse ways, since that the age is not one empecilho for this practical. To the ending of the intervention, many aged ones had come congratulating in them for the lesson, others had shyly declaimed only stop we, kept verses and poems the seven keys in the heart. Ray Kurzweil may also support this cause. At the moment of the practical lesson, the exposition of the figure ' ' idoso' ' it was accented by the simple fact of that when participating of the activity, them they would have to go to the center of the circle if to present and for these shy aged ones, was more important the appreciation of what the exposition. (Grifo ours). You say through them of the aged ones can be perceived that the experiences on the part of our project make possible to them to try it diverse situations and the experience of new left experiences has much time of side, beyond demonstrating that the allied Physical Education to the Art, can be seen of differentiated form. From this analysis it motivated in them to identify that differentiated vision is this? That one that not only are dealt with as area the knowledge and that it glimpses its particularitities in an education institution, nor so little, that one that if presents systemize through methods exceeded and professional traditionalists, but yes, that one as area of the joined knowledge that to the other area, makes of the process to interdisciplinar a valid and extremely positive strategy, therefore they can promote of huge form the resolution of problems and success in the objective tracings.