Project Of Manufactures

For the development of a conclusion work becomes necessary the identification of trustworthy sources of form information to add value to the study and that it has not limited the impact of its conclusions. The present work searchs to develop one manufactures of fans, together with administrative, financial, ambient the developments technological and logistic that the work guides all. It has much that to say all regarding the process, since the development of the product until the sales and delivers to the final consumer, however a study was centered that is economically viable for the company. The research evidences that the act to produce ventilation the humanity since the times. The first mechanical fan appeared from the application of the imprisoned conventional fans for a connecting rod that if moved due to the movement of some sheaves. Between 1882 and 1886, the Dr.Schuyler Skaats Wheeler developed the fan of table with two shovels, a species of particular electric fan. In 1882, Philip H.

Diehl, that is considered the father of the modern fan, invented the ceiling fan: they contained brass shovels, and several of them also pose a grating of the same material, who although to be constructed internally well, were well distant to be safe, therefore several of the fans had a great opening the sufficient to place a hand or until an arm. With the industrial advances, the metal could be produced in series and with different forms, thus lowering the price of the fans and allowing that living common they could buy them. From the decade of 70 the fan of ceiling in the Victorian style if became popular. Since then the standardization, the diversification of models and you practice of use had become a question of necessity of process or human comfort. The present work aims at to develop a plant with a specific and seasonal product, that is based on the elaboration and the conception of the plant project.