Progress Snapshot Study

The success of the IT project needs active communication with upper management, departments, customers and partners of Munich, the 29 April 2013 progress5, Agency for brand & business development, examined the importance of advanced IT-project-communication, which goes beyond the narrow circle of the IT project team. The results of the current progress5 snapshot study IT-project-communication 2013 “make clear: A clear majority of IT executives highlights the need for strategic and economic benefits of advanced IT-project communication. However, the implementation is a challenge: it lacks common resources, skills and appropriate concepts, to realize these structured and commercially for different target groups. The complete study is available free of charge under. For this snapshot study progress5, Agency for brand & business development, has 21 IT executives from Germany asked in March and April 2013, a total of twelve CIOs international bulimic, partly listed companies, six Managing Director of IT services company, two IT project manager and a responsible leader for enterprise marketing. Majority sees organizational and economic benefits executives with many years of experience and responsibility in the IT project business are largely agree: you see mostly clear advantages in advanced communication of IT projects to stakeholders such as business management, departments, users and employees, customers and partners. According to 76% of the respondents this earlier and more structured necessary adjustments and can be identified and implemented due to better support through the management improves the chances of success. 81 Percent see a reliable way for an improved acceptance of the user towards new solutions in advanced IT-project-communication, and for 95 percent, a clear advantage is that cross-departmental cooperation succeed more smoothly and faster. That it still often adequate IT-project-communication lack, is according to 67 per cent of respondents to a lack of resources. 48 Percent say that missing in the company the necessary competences, although is considered to be an overarching communication as necessary.