Plan Business

Years later, working with the same company’s technology, are able to change this substantially, to the end that you will attend courses of induction in my clients as if it were an employee of these companies. I remember that I was assigned to the attention of a major customer of the steel sector and the first meeting my boss, client, and I, had proposed that as KAM, I attend the course of induction to new employees that this company had. Because I can tell you that I was two weeks, time complete plants and mines of this customer learning from your business and knowing their processes and problems, with an interesting depth level. The client received this very good liking since for him was a clear message of the commitment of my company and my unit of work with them. Therefore, the important message is to develop tactics to achieve a great knowledge in the industry and the situation of each one of its key customers. It may be that you do not become an expert in the field of action of its customers, but if you must achieve a very good knowledge of your business. Therefore, your Plan account, must include a detailed work plan for knowledge of the elements I have just illustrated as a first step.

Vision. Remember that you are a business consultant, not an outlet orders. Well, well Here is where you will demonstrate their capabilities of consultant and account manager. If you achieved an excellent knowledge in the previous phase, you must now develop a vision of how you and your company can help your client (Key Account) to use its solutions to improve your business. One of the fundamental functions of the KAM is developing business opportunities in their strategic accounts. One of the most effective ways is through the creation of a business vision in which your customer makes use of its products or solutions to make better business.