Environment and Ecology

To think about Environment, Ecology, today emdia Sustainable Development if became routinist. It will be, because it is in fashion? Or it will be also, that only to think is enough? our action where ‘ ‘ fica’ ‘? Frequently we attend in the television, we read in magazines and periodicals asinmeras companies whom if they show in favor of the nature. If to observe, aumentacada day, the speeches of politicians, professionals and until the most humble people, expressing its concerns with the environment and the mudanasclimticas. We need to save the planet, the scientists warn, if average atemperatura of the planet to go up 2C, the consequences more we can serdesagradveis for all: He will have water scarcity; extinct species, fall of the productivity naagricultura, rise of the seas, glacier meltings, reefs and coraisprejudicados, abrupt climatic changes, storms, droughts, fires eondas of heat These concerns cannot only be in planejamentosdas authorities politics, religious, in the private companies, with the scientists At last, it has that to be part of our daily one. We have that to think about Surrounding nossoMeio, but to think and TO ACT of cautious form in favor of nsmesmos, the support so said, and of our future. As the popular dictated one says ‘ ‘ Each monkey in its galho’ ‘ , this nahora of the monkeys if to join and to share each experience of its twig. Nopodemos to limit our thoughts that stops taking care of of the environment exists osbilogos, ambient and forest engineers, geologists etc aexpresso environment already says everything, is all surrounding that involves all ascoisas alive eno-alive in the Land, beyond these professionals, needs that the doctors, architects, gari, masons, professors ALL independent of race, color, age egnero, ALL are engaged in this objective, each monkey to precisafazer something in defense of our planet to be able to have its twig. For simpler than it seems, small attitudes generate immense results: It plans its purchases: Who plans before, and less good purchase; It separates its organic garbage of the reciclvel: Beyond helping to the vocajuda planet families with the income generation; Before buying it evaluates the impacts and it consummates what it is only necessary: It evaluates what the product cause to the environment and as it was manufactured; It reuses the maximum: it reuses packings of the products, if to vocreutilizar why to buy? It saves: It erases the lights before leaving, disconnect computer when to noestiver using, does not use plastic bags It values the social responsibility of the companies: many companies fazemum important work in favor of the nature; She does not buy products smuggled pirates or: Buying produtoslegais if she contributes for generation of more steady jobs and reduction daviolncia; Copper of the politicians: Copper and participates of the actions of the politicians, therefore sonossos representatives; It reflects on its values: Important to understand which princpiosque in them take to the habits and consumptions; It divulges the consumption conscientious: alone or in group, multipliqueinformaes; It contributes for improvement of products and services: It complains, enviesugestes, it is very important our participation; Already this in the hour of not only thinking, but also acting! To think and to act in a Universal, cosmic way that it exceeds limitesdo planet, for yes acting in holistic way in favor of the environment, emprol of our future lives and If not to make this for proper us we go to make for that they had been born of us many that still will go nascere to continue in this world of prosperity..