Writing and Reading ‘ ‘ In the reading they are implied the citizen that it writes leaving in the writing its marks and the citizens that when reading they bring up to date, give to life another one what he was escrito’ ‘ (You mark in Frantz-Relfexes, 2008, P. 14). When reading the present work, is perceived how much it is necessary the writing for the register and transmission of facts and for the presentation of theories; as well as quo is observed is estruturante to have been carried through bibliographical research concerning the subject. In mine to understand, reading and writing occupy 90% of the factor importance for the understanding of the world; 10% represent the individual transitory abilities as the verbal communication.

The speed with that the changes have occurred in the informacionsociety, which had to the technological advances, demands that the decisions are taken, practically, the box touch, what it requires ability. To be competent is to possess a set of abilities and aptitudes constructed throughout the life. In this context, sobressai it travelled person more, who knows the world and its facetas, not necessarily for having busy its physical spaces, geographic, actually, but mainly for having travelled through the romances, of the chronicles, stories, narratives, at last, through the letters; having concentrate, it saw letramento, knowledge enough to raise, to plan, to convince and to execute of efficient form considered projects, commission agents or for itself elaborated, with sights to a general society more joust and human being. To write ‘ ‘ it is to come close themselves to the others, to communicate truths, feelings, fidgets to them, to remain in the others through the word, to perpetuate themselves in outros’ ‘ (Periss in Frantz-Relfexoes, 2008. p.17). The qualitative capacity of the individual for the reading and writing, although the banalizao of the virtual communication? dialects only understood by users of the virtualismo Express-passenger? still it defines position and it consolidates functions, but it continues generating the auto-exclusion, the reduction of the individual by itself, the auto-depreciation, on account of the limitation of the vocabulary and the short vision of world, consequncias of the lack of practical of reading and to write.