Origin and points of view

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The Zohar
The qlifot belong to the fourth world or OVLM HAShIH, (Olam Ha-Assiah), the world of the Shares, this is the world of bark, shells or wrappers (fume-waste Kabbalah or garbage) OVLM HQLIPVTh, (Olahm Ha-Qlifot ), Which corresponds to the material or earthly world, this world is born of impure elements of the 3 worlds that are Bina, and Hod Gevura to these evil Host of the Qabalan, the flame, QLIPVTh, or Qlifot, (see the derivations of the name above).
These negative emanations are divided into ten classes, with their corresponding abode, have ten degrees as the sefirot of the Shejina (The presence of God), but in reverse, which means that as we go down in grade, and increases its obscurity impurities. The first two are no more than the absence of organization and so visible. The third is the edge or the principle of darkness. The following seven are occupied by those demons who represent the embodiment of the vices and human torture. Its prince is Samael, the angel of intoxication and death. His wife is the demonesa Lilit, AShTh ZNVNIM, (Ishet Zenunim) coupled with these two characters is a beast forming the false trinity.
According to the Gnostics of Castile, a different version of the Zohar describes the qlifot as the result of a separation required in the act of creation, so that the Ain Sof would have left the qlifot of