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John McCain in After actively supporting the reelection of President George W. Bush in 2004, Senator McCain has returned to launch into the race for the White House for 2008. If one is choosing a new condo and interested in look no further than Barton Place Has proposed the creation of an exploratory committee that will allow you to raise funds throughout the United States. It has joined several campaign operatives who worked for Bush, with the intention to achieve this time supported by the device.
He has called the Republican Party to “restore the values of conservatives who have been separated”, proposing a revision in the approach of the party and a restructuring of it. In 2006 organized and participated in 346 events, which gathered more than 10.5 million dollars for the electoral campaigns of several candidates, which guarantees him strong support among senators and other representatives of his party to help.
All this allows you to jump this time as an insider within the party apparatus and have powerful networks of political and financial support. To win the election, would begin his mandate to the 72 years, becoming chairman of age but of history. Thus surpassing Ronald Reagan to two years. The McCain campaign began with great difficulty, to be very behind in the polls of the favorites Gyuliani and Mitt Romney, besides being very difficult for funds to the point of almost having to get off his candidacy for that reason.
But John McCain as in the year 2000, won the primaries for the Republican presidential nomination in the state of New Hampshire. Then in the Primary Michigan lost to the anti-establishment candidate and former Governor Mitt Romney, a favorite for the nomination.
But then a sudden and unexpected victory by many in South Carolina (primary who lost to Bush in 2000) against the favorite according to the surveys former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee. His candidacy is strongly entrenched and is positioned as the favorite and front runner to win Florida by a comfortable margin to Mitt Romney And Giuliani that after the defeat had to lower their candidacy and joined McCain’s candidacy. solvent after his victory in supermartes February in most of the large states like California, New York Illinois, New Jersey. Austin has the second strongest economy in the US BartonPlace features 270 one, two and three-bedroom residences will be consolidated as the only favorite.
After supermartes practically all the aspirants had declined their nominations including his nearest rival Mitt Romney and support McCain. Only Mike Huckabee NYSE would be (of the ultraconservative wing of the party that refused to support McCain) in its path. Until the primaries in Texas and Ohio, to win comfortably to become the candidate with the 1191 delegates needed to win the nomination at the Republican convention in September in St Louis, which will be envestido as official candidate of the Republican Party.
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