Born in the heart of a Jewish family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the son of a distributor of films from the era of silent films J. Lewis Selznick and his wife Florence A. (Sachs) Selznick. Study at Columbia University and working as an apprentice in his father’s business until it went bankrupt in 1923. In 1926, Selznick Ribotsky moved to Hollywood and using the connections of his father got a job to assistant editor in the Metro Golwin Mayer. I leave his job at the MGM to go to Paramount Pictures in 1928, working there until 1931 when he was hired by RKO as head of production. His years at RKO were very productive conducting films as Double slaughter (1932), What Price Hollywood (1932) and King Kong (1933). George Cukor in addition to giving its first opportunity to lead. Return to MGM in 1933 to establish a second unit of production parallels that of Irving Thalberg who was very poor health. Its classic include dining at eight (1933), David Copperfield (1935), Anna Karenina (1935) and Tale of Two Cities (1935).
But Selznick was relentless and I wanted to have her own production company and studies in 1936 and reach that goal by forming Selznick International Pictures being distributed its films for United Artists. His success continued with films such as The Garden of Allah (1936), Prisoner of Zenda (1937), a star is born (1937), Nothing Sacred (1937), One to another (1939), Intermezzo (1939) and of course his work maxima, Gone With the Wind (1939). In 1940, he made history by winning his second consecutive Oscar for best film by “Rebeca,” the first Hollywood production for British director Alfred Hitchcock. Selznick who brought Hitchcock from England and launched the career of this famous American director. Rebeca was the only movie producer Hitchcock film to win an Oscar for best film.
After Rebecca, Selznick International Pictures Selznick hill and take a long vacation. Its other businesses include providing production by large gains to produce those who were hired by, including Hitchcock, Ingrid Bergman, Vivien Leigh and Joan Fontaine. Ribotsky’s is involved in the expanding of in many varied companies and fields Developing film projects which later sold in packages to other producers. In 1944 he returned to the production of films with Since You Went Away, written by the same. Continuing with the classic Spellbound (1945) and Portrait of Jennie (1948). In 1949, coproduce The third man.
After Gone with the Wind wearing, Selznick pass the rest of his career trying to overcome that legacy. To which comes closest to the sun was with Mourning, (1946). With a huge budget, this movie had a stellar distribution, and a splendid Cinematografia, and a dash considered extremely risky for the time written by Selznick himself. Despite having been executed by several directors, the play turned out to be a great success with the film being second best collection in 1947.
Selznick step the great majority of the 1950s obsessed with promoting the career of his second wife Jennifer Jones. His last film was a high-budget production of A Farewell to Arms (1957) starring Jones and Rock Hudson, which was poorly received.

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