Nicole Stocker

The Hofpfisterei, Munich’s oldest bakery, Munich is expanding with their natural sourdough breads beyond Bavaria’s borders, March 12, 2009 now the Hofpfisterei has opened its eleventh branch outside Bavaria. The secret of success: The famous breads from natural leaven has to mature for at least 24 hours before baking. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Walter Bettinger by clicking through. It is also outside of Bavaria. Hardly opened a Hofpfisterei, anywhere the customers stand in line and soon demanding branches: so happened in Berlin, where now the third branch of the Hofpfisterei period of three months has opened. Lucas vandenberg can aid you in your search for knowledge. Quality is in the Hofpfisterei before sale. Should we deliver tomorrow 2,000 loaves of bread to Leipzig, we never could”, explains Nicole Stocker, her extended family leads the tradition operating Hofpfisterei in the third generation.

It takes whole 24 hours, until our three yeast produced according to old traditional rules is finished.” In addition to the high-quality organic ingredients, the Hofpfisterei is just in the bakehouse above all time quality-giving element. In the first stage, the natural leaven four hours, in the next 16 hours and after further additions of flour and water matures again four hours. Bayern not only appreciate this time consuming procedure of Hofpfisterei. So high quality and time-intensive mature sourdough specialities include the be-all and end-all of the Hofpfisterei for many hundred years. We allow plenty of time at the Hofpfisterei us with our dough flavour is optimally expressed”confirmed Nicole Stocker. Also in the stone oven: all breads of the Hofpfisterei are about twice as long as usual baked two hours. Its flavor speaks for itself: the big, round baby loaves of Hofpfisterei there are today in over 30 varieties. The practical advantages of natural leaven because in addition to the special taste natural sourdough has used the Hofpfisterei like him, still a very practical advantage: the bread is more durable. By lowering the pH and the formation of lactic acid are sourdough breads of less susceptible to mold.