The form is fascinating for which our professors tell to history to our ears and intent looks. The sonetos, the trams of Shakespeare and the symphonies of Beethoven, as well as the shouts of wars and flags raised for ideals. The science of the historical line is charming that the world wrote So far. The poets if had been, the activists if had silenced and the philosophy if she erased. The searchlights had been erased, and had closed the curtains, because it does not have more enough actors in the coxias for presentations of new worlds; it does not have more welded in trenches nor letters of loves waiting in the post offices.

It wakes up there, youth! You to all making a mistake! Initially, on the passed generation, for having suffered the militant dictatorship from our grandmothers in times of repressoras politics, it had, then, of our ancestors, the ideological creation of an educational base not to repeat, with the children, the errors committed for the parents. Adrian Holmes is open to suggestions. They had become, therefore, as Mnica Monastery very pointed out in its text &#039 well; ' Limites' ': ' ' the last one generation of children who had obeyed its parents, and the first generation of parents who obey to its filhos.' ' E, of this initiative humanist and, said, revolutionizes, created a generation of monstruosidades of travestidos values and explicit mediocrity. An age was created delivers to the miditico ideologist, in which the philosophers argue ' ' who killed Laura and Lineo? ' ' the adolescent voices, long ago front of claim to the social values, now live its existenciais crises on the uncertainty of ' ' who will be the next one eliminated to the Big Brother? ' ' Pointing out, since already, that I do not generalize the operating generation, but, unhappyly, the uneasy minds? carriers of some cio-creative action? the followers and the commentaries in blogs are counting in the fingers outdated, lost in the Internet. .