Jacques Maritain

During centuries XVII and XVIII, the teses of Locke, Montesquieu and Adam Smith had motivated an opposition front to the absolutism of the monarchs, offering the bases for the construction of the State liberal-bourgeois who exclua the intervention of the State in economic field, therefore judged that the spring of the private interest would finish bringing universal economic well-being. Ahead of these consideraes one becomes necessary to ask: ‘ ‘ what it is the State? ‘ ‘ the answers are multiple, see some. David Easton says that the State is a system politician.

The famous philosopher Jrgen Habermas, whose source of its thought emanates of the marxist tradition defines the State ‘ ‘ as one to be able state sovereign, in such a way internal how much external, how much to the space, an area delimited clearly is mentioned to it, the territory of the State; socially mentions the set to it of its integrant ones, the people of the State. The state domain consists in the forms of the positive law, and the people of a State is carrying of the limited jurisprudence to the region of validity of the territory of this exactly Estado’ ‘. According to French philosopher, Jacques Maritain, the State is one ‘ ‘ instrument to the service of homem’ ‘. I conclude this memory with a stretch of an article that I wrote and that it has as heading ‘ ‘ The abstraction of the Estado’ ‘ , in which if it reads: ‘ ‘ we can say that the State is a sovereign entity abstract that backwards I obtain the set of them to be able politicians of a nation, government, that has its limits determined by the territorial division. Thus, with it or without it the people continue living normally, using of the technology to continue to live in this nation politically organized, that is the Estado’ ‘.