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Jacques Maritain

During centuries XVII and XVIII, the teses of Locke, Montesquieu and Adam Smith had motivated an opposition front to the absolutism of the monarchs, offering the bases for the construction of the State liberal-bourgeois who exclua the intervention of the State in economic field, therefore judged that the spring of the private interest would finish bringing universal economic well-being. Ahead of these consideraes one becomes necessary to ask: ‘ ‘ what it is the State? ‘ ‘ the answers are multiple, see some. David Easton says that the State is a system politician.

The famous philosopher Jrgen Habermas, whose source of its thought emanates of the marxist tradition defines the State ‘ ‘ as one to be able state sovereign, in such a way internal how much external, how much to the space, an area delimited clearly is mentioned to it, the territory of the State; socially mentions the set to it of its integrant ones, the people of the State. The state domain consists in the forms of the positive law, and the people of a State is carrying of the limited jurisprudence to the region of validity of the territory of this exactly Estado’ ‘. According to French philosopher, Jacques Maritain, the State is one ‘ ‘ instrument to the service of homem’ ‘. I conclude this memory with a stretch of an article that I wrote and that it has as heading ‘ ‘ The abstraction of the Estado’ ‘ , in which if it reads: ‘ ‘ we can say that the State is a sovereign entity abstract that backwards I obtain the set of them to be able politicians of a nation, government, that has its limits determined by the territorial division. Thus, with it or without it the people continue living normally, using of the technology to continue to live in this nation politically organized, that is the Estado’ ‘.

Saturday Heart

Bendito is God for this couple that dared to trust that the Spirit of God could change my life! My Uncle was to search me back in the quarter of Saint Augustin, periphery of Manaus, in yellow its fusquinha that it was a taxi blessed in day 26/11/1981, in a thursday. God was changing history of my life in that day when I entered in that one fusquinha of Mr. Mario Bonetti. I did not have idea of he would go what you to make from that date. I liveed in the house of the Bonettis for almost eight long years and in day 25 of May of year 1985, 8 days before completing 18 years, I accepted the Christ as my only saving enough in the Tabernculo Church Baptist with the Shepherd Pablo Hatcher. Mr.

Jesus entered in my heart he made and me to be born of new for the power of its Spirit in that inesquecvel Saturday. It was a inaudito joy that felt at the moment that I relieved my heart to Salvador. I felt me as Christian, the personage of Jonh Bunyan, that to if approaching de a Cruz fell of its coasts the pack of the sin. How I alliviate indizvel I felt in that night of conversion! The words of reverendo I appeal making it echo until today in my interior, said it: ' ' If you desire to accept the Christ as only enough Salvador of its life then if income it of all heart. He changes its pack for the one of it, therefore He is written:? You come me, all the ones that tired and oppressed stays, and I will alliviate to you. You take on you my yoke, and learn of me, that I am tame and humble of heart; you will find rest for your souls. Because my yoke is soft and my pack is light? (Mt.11: 28-30) ' '.


Some Christians exist who had not fulfilled the goals objectified for improvement of the kingdom of God it is not why they are activist much less for not knowing to use the factor time, the great problem of these brothers and that during the time never they had all strengthenn so that your projects left the theory for reality, and the question to strengthen or and a law that backwards its consequences in any area of the life wants either in the world spiritual does not want either in the secular world for these reasons and that the word of God approaches this subject in such a way. Joshua 1:6 Strengthens you, and has good spirit, because you will make this people to inherit the land that I swore its parents would give to them. If you to want to be a blessing at the hands of God you strengthen God you please of whom if they strengthen to be successful in the life and IT counts all on you during this year that this to initiate. When placing mint of improvement in our life and the workmanship of God, fights for cumpriz it and at the same time the God prays so that it helps you. However he makes goals that can be fulfilled and all we go in them to not only arrive at the end of the year of 2011 happy ones for cause only of parties, but because we contribute for the growth of the kingdom of the God. TM 6:33 But you search its kingdom and its justice first, and all to these will be added you things. Conclusion Part the God who helps you to reflect on your life during the year of 2011 you to be able to analyze that type of contribution you this giving for the kingdom of God, why God who to make of you a victorious, but well-taken care of Christian with the ativismo, also with the factor time who the times passes and people is stops backwards and never he forgets without effort you do not go the place none.

Media Ideology

It works in favor of the ruling classes and it offers to a false peace its fidiciary offices, locating them in a condition of submission better to be explored in the capitalist relations. Jesus did not participate nor followed this model for Its Church (Its Body), but, the model of Christ was guarded to enhance the model of institutions that use its name to increase its wealth and to support the luxuries of its mercenaries. Fragmentos Biblical I contend the teachings of Jesus are propagated by altars, pulpits, radios and TVs in the objective to articulate the ideas and values of each religious denomination, transforming them into ideological devices of State. The institutionalized churches, formed for the disfigurement of the teachings of Jesus use the medias of mass to attract fidiciary offices and to hide the authentic Church of Christ, except the Internet that acts of liberating form for the interatividade between its users. Words key: Institution, ideology, religion, medias.

According to registers Biblical, when approaching the thirty years, and, being responsible for its acts, Jesus it initiated its ministry communicating itself of intrapessoal form with the Father and – directing it the river Jordo – all was baptized by Joo, fulfilling justice. If it did not filiou in the organization of a Fariseus or the Saduceus, nor if it submitted to no human religious statute, but it was instructed by the Espirito Santo that went down on It in the corporal form of dove. After the baptism left in direction to the desert where he was attemped. Having resisted the temptations it initiated concernentes educations to the kingdom of skies, partilhando its knowledge with the disciples and the people, breaching the isolation with the world. It called the twelve first disciples it instructed and them of interpersonal form, in reduced number and particular, separate with they followed that to accuse them it before lei3 mosaica.