Distance Education State University

And yet, learn English by talking to native speakers. Blogs Blog-a blog of one or more authors, consisting of the entries in reverse chronological order, or in other words it is a site in the form of the journal, sorted by date. The word comes from the English weblog – web log." Blog sites are built on the principle of chronological diary with simple and convenient means of administration, not requiring special knowledge and accessible to all. Wiki (Wiki) – a collection interrelated records. (Ward Cunningham – the creator of technology – called the application environment for rapid interaction of hypertext.) , implemented in the radical model of collective hypertext when You can create and edit any entry submitted to each member of a network community Hot Potatoes Hot Potatoes – universal shell program that allows teachers to their own, without the need for programmers to create interactive training-exercise control in html. The program is widely used around the world to create jobs in different languages in different disciplines. The exercises are created using 5 blocks program (each block can be considered as a separate program): JQuiz – quiz – questions with multiple choice answers (4 types of tasks).

The teacher has the opportunity to lay in the exercise comments to all options responses. JCloze – Filling the gaps. Students can ask for help, then see the first letters of the missing words. Work is also automatic scoring. You can "pass" certain words, and can, for example, every fifth.

JMatch – The mapping (3 types of tasks). JCross – Crossword. JMix – Restoration of the sequence. New information technologies and distance learning in recent years, universities around the world paid attention to possibility of using computer telecommunication technologies for distance learning. Computer telecommunications provide effective feedback, which provides both organization of educational material and communicating with the teacher leading the course. This distance learning and has received in recent years, the name of distance education, in contrast to the familiar distance learning. This problem is particularly acute in Russia, with its vast territory and concentrate research centers in major cities. Currently, the Ministry of Education of Russia is concerned about the creation of a unified educational telecommunications network. The problem of continuing education, professional re-orientation is relevant today than ever before, and its importance will grow over the years, the Internet portal of the School of Distance Education State University was established in the framework of formation of innovative education at Moscow State University named after mv University in 2007.