History The

History The company’s “Beverly Hills” (BHI) webhosting and web development began with a web directory itself, which was organized thematically in six “neighborhoods”. These were named as cities or regions according to their content – for example, Computer related sites were placed in “SiliconValley” and everything related to entertainment were assigned to “Hollywood”. Webcams are transmitting live real stood at various locations to highlight the geographical concept. In mid 1995 the company decided to offer users of its website, known as “Homesteaders”, the possibility of developing their own web pages in the neighborhoods of the company, assigning a street and house number. Currently, this scheme has been abandoned in favor of a schema with the user as a subdomain name. So then, chats, newsletters and other items were added soon virtual community, helping the fast growing website.In December of that year, Geocities now has fourteen districts, up thousands of Homesteaders a day and getting over six million pages per month. Given the success, the company decided to focus on increasing the number of users and expanding the virtual community. On the 15th of the month becomes known as GeoCities. Over time many companies, including Yahoo!, Begin to participate fully in Geocities and invest in it. The site continues to grow with the introduction of advanced payment services. In May 1997, the company introduces advertising on their pages. Despite negative reaction from users, the company continues to grow. At June 1997, GeoCities was the fifth most visited website in October of that year internet.This the company reaches a million Homesteaders. In June 1998, in an effort to increase its presence would mark, GeoCities introduced watermark on the pages of users.The watermark is much like a “fly” on a television. It consists of an advertisement in GIF format, transparent and floating. Use javascript to stay on the top right corner of your browser screen. Many users felt the watermark interfered with the design of your website and begin to move your pages to other servers. The watermark also causes safety problems with the browser and collides with the markup of some pages. Geocities said in a press release that the company has received congratulations on the watermark. The company entered the electronic stock market NASDAQ in June 1998, listed with the code ‘GCTY. The price of public offering is 17 USD, rising rapidly to over 100 USD.However, in January 2000, it was purchased by Yahoo! for 4,000,000,000 USD, with Yahoo! control on May 28. The acquisition by Yahoo! GeoCities proved extremely unpopular and users soon began to leave en masse to protest the new contract imposed by Yahoo! for GeoCities. Terms of the deal said the company would be the owner of all rights and content, including images and sounds. Quickly Yahoo! quickly reversed its decision. Yahoo! decides to eliminate neighborhoods and streets of the URLs. URLs are replaced with the type http://www.geocities.com/nombredelusuario. After a lawsuit was filed against AOL for its group of community leaders, GeoCities’ volunteer program (Community Leaders).In 2001, after speculation by analysts that GeoCities was not yet profitable (has declared an 8 million loss in the final quarter of 1998), Yahoo! introduced a service for-free premium hosting on Geocities. In April 2009 it was announced that GeoCities disappear for life, so it stopped accepting new registrations, so that finally the 26th of October 2009, all his servants were formatted so it was no longer possible to recover something that had been hosted on these servers.