“The media”

The broader media is sweeping: 1-press, 2-Radio 3 – television. There are other shorter-range but of essential importance to advertise the product as: 1-the display case, 2-posters, 3-notices at the point of sale, 4-fences, 5-flyers 6-banners. An advertising campaign requires maximum use of every possible depending on the size of the company and how far it wants to go.The press is the visual medium printed broader and more penetration, however, have its limitations on market segment that can not read. Has significant advantages as they are, listing duration, and easy access to the public for their low cost. It is versatile, since it allows selecting the type and size of the warning, daily, weekly or monthly. Journals After the press, the magazine is in second place of importance. It has the peculiarity that impacts the audience and their life cycle is longer than the newspapers, always looks more pleased with the ads in magazines. The radio is a powerful mass method and importance to the advertising, since it leads to a high number of listeners to perceive the messages carefully, according to the importance of broadcast programs. It is a medium that allows for coverage auditory local, regional, national or even international.Television is the most powerful means of communication and advertising, and greater impact, which has generated so much change in consumer behavior. Otto Kleppner, master teacher publicist says nothing has changed so much family life since the automobile was introduced, including television, nothing in the same way may have an impact so great for advertising. It is actually the largest advertising medium and spectacular. The professional salesperson is also an effective means of direct mail, and exercising acts of communication. http://weblogs.clarin.com/publicidad/ http://weblogs.clarin.com/publicidad/ http://weblogs.clarin.com/publicidad/ http://weblogs.clarin.com/publicidad/