Nevertheless … Olympic Stories III: Value. The Story of Shun Fujimoto.

Good day to have you! For the reasons explained in the previous post, I was able to meet (as I do with you now, through this “Cyber-Space”) with some of my old friends who came to visit. And we remembered anecdotes from the days of University. And there came a friend who practiced gymnastics, and the comments raised about whether the game is “women” or not.And talking and laughing, and above all, feeling alive and young and strong, enjoying the start of the IX Olympiad of the modern era, excited remember this history, who would like to share with you today, because I also help out my convalescence, and that I was “chique” (ie, “consenting”) too … and promise to be brief. Montreal Olympics in 1976. In the men’s gymnastics competitions for a change … a little pooo nganme the mismaaa … (uppsss, sorry, is that we were also listening to Vicente Fernandez), say for a change, teams from Japan and the Soviet Union are fighting for first place teams.Each has its biggest star, legendary gymnasts, as Nikolay Andrianov (USSR), with 17 Olympic medals, including 7 gold!, Won over 3 participations Olympic (the most decorated gymnast in history has achieved of the Games). But Japan is not far behind, as has the incredible Sawao Kato (by the way, debuted here in Mexico 68), winning 12 medals, 8 of them gold! Cerrad simo During this duel, the Japanese suffered a major blow: one of their young, Shun Fujimoto, to be competing in floor exercise, will crack the leg and knee (right, if I remember)! This being outside of competition, with disastrous results: In the team competition, are accounted for ALL points of all competitors. And you can not “replace” or make the switch from either of them (as in football, for example).So, unable to continue Fujimoto, misses the point of their involvement, and would be the Japanese debacle. Shun Fujimoto Legendary: note in the photo how already sought to hide the injury on his right knee, loading the weight on the other leg … of these men, and there are few, damn … Knowing this, Shun becomes convinced remain engaged, keeping the secret of the seriousness of his injury and his coach asks a little something to ease the pain. But … This she refuses, apart from altering their performance and reactions, that “analgesic” (as other substances) is forbidden by the rules. Y. .. to finish the tease, what event they believe he lacks the proper Shun Neither more nor less than … THE RINGS! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen: These rings (or rings) are 50 cm in diameter and hang to just 2.5 meters FLOOR! So imagine the scene: Shun Fujimoto would have to rise to such rings, make turns and static with cleaning and maintenance also should land by turns, and with good posture on arrival, without fail or fall, on pain of losing the points. ..