The gas is lighter than air. energy costs The gas mixes well with air, explosive mixtures easily.
The intense heat may cause violent combustion or explosion. Reacts violently with air, green energy oxygen, chlorine, fluorine and strong oxidants causing fire and explosion hazard. Metal catalysts such as platinum or nickel increases this type of reactions.
Avoid flame, no spark and no smoking. Extremely flammable. Its flammability range is very large. Many reactions may energy cause fire or explosion. If possible, cut off the supply. If you can, and no risk to the immediate environment, let the fire extinguish itself. Extinguish with water household spray, dust, carbon dioxide and halons. The hydrogen is producedwhen fire heating or explosion burns with an almost invisible flame.
Mixes gas and air are explosive. Prevencion as it should be adequate ventilation. Hand tools should not generate sparks. The electrical equipment and lighting must be prepared to test explosion. The electricity ESCO fire must be fought from a protected location.
Spills and leaks
To check for leakage, using soap and water. Evacuate danger area. natural gas Ventilate enclosed areas to prevent formation of flammable atmospheres or oxygen deficiency. The vent can be manually or mechanically. Remove all potential sources of ignition. For additional help, consult an expert. Wear self-contained breathing apparatus.
Hydrogen is not toxic and is classified as a simple asphyxiant. The amount needed to reduce the concentrations of oxygen at a lower level than required to support life cooking gas cause mixing within gas the ranges of flammability. Therefore, prohibiting entry into areas containing flammable mixtures because of the immediate danger of fire or explosion. The hydrogen can be absorbed by inhalation and through the skin.
To cause loss in confined areas, this liquid evaporates very quickly causing a total saturation of the air can cause choking, difficulty breathing, and unconsciousness. Prevencion as it should be adequate ventilation by introducing clean air.
Contact with liquid is freezing. As prevention is to use cold gas insulating gloves and protective clothing.