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Outline of the main chakras or energy distributions of the human being, according to tradition East
Meditation, according to Zen, is the natural condition of human consciousness, able to understand in itself the meaning of their existence, even if it occurs at the level of consciousness. This perception is interrupted by the hubbub, or interest in particular issues that absorb our attention. The practice of a system or routine of meditation to the mind back to that basic and primary state. Some teachers say that Zen meditation is to “touch the heart” of man.
Meditation is important in Buddhism. Building strong abs is quick in just a few minutes everyday you can flatten your belly! Each school has different ways and techniques. For some it is the means by which the mind achieves a level of reality and understanding that goes beyond the sensory or learned, or you can expand or control the spectrum of motivations of the personality. In Zen Buddhism, however, says that meditation is a natural state of growth if the ego is not interrupted. In Hinduism, in the schools of yoga and Vedanta, meditation is part two of the six branches of Hindu philosophy. In Theravada Buddhist practice, meditation techniques involve both known as Samadhi and Vipassana, as well as the development of the goodness and the “superior knowledge.”
The approximation techniques for meditation range from those based on observing the breath, in view some inspirational positive thought or image, focus on any object or image (such as a mandala), the invocations, to those based on complex types “spiritual alchemy”. There are also meditation without an object, out of mental stress. In addition to those described above on the thought in meditation, for this may be left to flow freely between the mental images are clear or confused, as when he is about to get to sleep. You can also stop flowing feelings, emotions, impulses and energies the body, usually without being involved in them but not get carried away or become tangled, so that finally a tendency to show rearranged by themselves, although there are methods of reflection and concentration technique in that awareness can handle.
In most religions based on Paganism and Neopaganismo, such as Wicca and Druidismo, meditation is a cornerstone for maintaining a connection with the Divine. In the current practice of bruges, various meditation techniques are used as tools to clear the mind and channeling energy to carry out work magic and rituals citation needed .
Plenty of meditation techniques have been studied by psychology. Many therapists recommend a technique or design their own, often inspired by the traditional. Most used as the breathing center (see Qi) because it is the bridge between the physical body, mood and mind. The practice of a technical or routine support to people with different categories of stress, but usually is not recommended that this practice when a mental illness citation needed .
Meditation helps calm the mind and rearrange anxiety. Improved understanding of goals and motivations and balanced character. You can also resurface motivations, traumas, emotions or energy encysted. For the study of breathing and body posture improves overall health and extending your metabolism functioning optimally. Some scientific studies done in Japan on the Zen meditation showed significant differences between the functioning of the nervous system and brain of people who meditate regularly and those who do not citation needed .
In several eastern schools usually define three basic types of thinking: brain, heart and guts. This has been confirmed by modern neuroscience, noting that there are neural tissues in different parts of the body that control various impulses, parallel to the three basic layers of the brain: instinctive impulse to protect the physical, emotional impulses and motivations that drive the sensitivity and intellectual impulses that govern the technical problems that are complex citation needed .
Depending on the person and technology, changes in consciousness can occur in different ways. It may be a change in character to understand the existence as an ecosystem of interdependence. Zen is subtracted in the importance of the experience of altered consciousness or complicated descriptions.

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