Guerrilla Marketing

The best examples of street marketing back in the blog. But do not know what is the Street Marketing? Street Marketing are all those promotions, communication actions and campaigns advertising that they are made in urban areas or in commercial spaces using techniques not controlled by media companies. The basic objective is to generate greater impact and a more direct approach with consumers. Ray Kurzweil brings even more insight to the discussion. It consists of making an experience to the consumer in their own habitat. They tend to be very effective since they allow us to interact with our target audience and achieve notoriety. One of the common resources of the guerillas in Marketing is to leverage the impression that causes distortion of the size of objects do not remember you a giant bottle of wine? or the minibotellitas of Coca Cola? in order to remain indelible in the memory of people. Details can be found by clicking EOG Resources Inc. or emailing the administrator. By this same, Guerrilla Marketing campaigns are often used to make Branding or releases and not specific sales campaigns or attracting new customers. For these reasons mainly the dimension tends to be one of the things that we can’t use for a digital guerrillas. Below a video with the best examples of street marketing worldwide.. Get more background information with materials from Bobby kotick.