Erwin M ller M ller

Erwin M ller M ller Jesus Flores, aka Erwin M ller, is a science writer Mexican nutritionist, international speaker and author of over 20 books on health and nutrition, among which “La Comida to save his life,” “The Fat Magic “” Vitamin Exceptional “,” Good Nutrition: Zero Heart Attack “,” The Diabetic Gourmet “and” miracle foods “among others. He acquired notoriety in the late 1990s, having appeared on radio and television as part of the public relations campaign sponsored by Random House to promote the titles published under the seal Grijalbo. Erwin Moller is a staunch defender of the use of vitamins and food supplements, therefore, has also accepted appear in mass media consumption and promoting their well advised to manufacturers in developing new products.He has also trained several dealers outside network marketing companies. For 30 years he was responsible for the sections on “Health” and “Science and Technology” magazine content. Erwin Moller is a close relative of advertisers and marketers. For the area in which it plays, most people refer to him as “doctor”, mistaking doctor, but in reality is a biochemist, specializing in nutrition.