The debate

The discussion with Kiyosaki is that many journalists have questioned the veracity of the stories he tells in his books on his childhood and the existence of his “rich dad.” There are intellectuals who question the effectiveness of the lessons that Kiyosaki gives in his books under are not verified by an exact science but are imbued with feelings rather typical enthusiastic self-help seminars. Still, there are several micro-entrepreneurs who say they have found financial success thanks to the teachings of “Rich Dad” cares very little about the reliability of the childhood stories of Robert. There have been other points of the philosophical teachings of Robert that have been questioned. For example, some financial analysts and economists were horrified when Kiyosaki, in one of his first books, said that the homeownership should be viewed as a liability rather than an asset by high maintenance costs involved.Another heartstrings conservative society that has felt attacked Kiyosaki’s teachings is the importance of studying hard and finish a college career to be a “good man,” Robert says that there are at least two eras, one pass and a present, past the industrial era and the current is the information age. Affirms that the industrial age parents should educate their children by putting them as a goal to go to college, but not to a race but a race any good profit and that will guarantee the future financial success, in the information age, the schools have outdated methods of teaching. He says they have not realized that not only studying for a degree has now moved into the background and have a university degree does not guarantee any future, that school subjects should include some that teach good management and proper functioning of money . Perhaps children learn to differentiate and manage assets and liabilities to improve their economy.Robert Kiyosaki says that many of the problems society has with the money are rooted in the lack of financial education. One of his main critics is John T. Reed, who has made his website criticizing the work of Kiyosaki is the second most popular result by searching for “Robert Kiyosaki” in the Google search engine. Reed makes a point by point critique claims Kiyosaki, who is referred to as a charlatan.