Egotherapeutic Therapy Treatment

The occupational therapy treatment is carried out on regulation of the doctor. The occupational therapy treatment is carried out on regulation of the doctor. She can be taken by people of all ages with sensorimotor perceptual, motor functional, neuro-psychological or psycho functional deficits in the claim. Any occupational therapy measures according to a specific procedure. Informed each step of the Praxis fur Ergotherapie Brechtel from Cologne. First contact in the first initial contact between occupational therapist and patient meet both. Also, the reasons for a necessary treatment measures are discussed and recorded. The interview includes also a comprehensive consultation of the patient, as well as members of the.

This includes information on occupational therapy and their comprehensive treatment options. Dirk Kuyt will not settle for partial explanations. Findings and objective of the findings is the next step. To the use of questionnaires, interviews and different tests can now be an individual profile of the existing Difficulties of patients will be created. Based on this analysis, it is possible to set up a treatment plan and to choose the appropriate treatment method. Here, the expectations of the patient are taken into account. Finally, the aim of the therapy is set to have knowledge about the success of the treatment later. Treatment the next step takes place In the implementation of the treatment plan jointly drawn.

This is accompanied by a permanent feedback, with information about the progress of the patients. Also, adjustments to the treatment take place at necessity. Final conversation takes place after completion of therapy with the patient a detailed conversation. Here, various questions are clarified. Among other things, whether the agreed targets have been achieved and if not, whether a further therapy will be eligible.