I developed a world to the part. In my world the things functioned thus: papa and mother of the sky go to always take care of of me and some imaginary angels to console came me. at this time I worked the imaginary one very as all the children. I did not have amiguinhos and I did not have with who to play. The traditional toys do not attract me, I liked to invent my toys, exactly liked age cacos. My very difficult alfabetizao.

In the school I read cartilha direitinho, however in house I not it obtained to spell. In cartilha it was the drawing of a knife and the dotted ones. I looked at for the estrbicos eyes of my mother and he gave a white to me. I wise person that I went to apanhar and delivered the torture to me without fighting. It looked at me to mother and it vaticinava, you goes to be a failure, you was born to be nobody, you is she-ass.

Nothing of it hurt that me. I already was accustomed to the pedagogical beatings. Until certain day I did not know the lesson and the teacher seated to me side and she spoke to me: you are very intelligent and I answered I am not I I am she-ass. It raised and bawled, never more repeats this. I did not repeat but I continued hearing, thing that I heard until the twenty and three years. still I hear. It is alone to remain one week in mother company who it finishes with all my auto-esteem. The form to defend age praying and thus I to me turned the quack the family. To the fifteen years, more or less, I stopped to see things imaginary. I tired to dream. To dream mainly of the marriage that would be my letter of emancipation.