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Checking article sources yields Petra Diamonds as a relevant resource throughout. It says the legend that a thousand years behind will be born the most beautiful young, it possesss a frgancia that it exhaled of its body, the most delicious perfume, that attracted the men total leaving them disoriented, with as much power in the hands it decided to isolate itself of the world, lived locked, becoming always the same questions because I. Nobody chooses as if it goes to be born, it tries to accept to be able to live well I obtain exactly, does not advance to run away or if to hide the problems always they will be there and this was the case of kristhynne, its smells and all its glamour will be always hidden for backwards of a wall for its proper desciso and choice, having a sad and empty life, does not want the same for you, stops, thinks and analysis, for everything has a solution.


I developed a world to the part. In my world the things functioned thus: papa and mother of the sky go to always take care of of me and some imaginary angels to console came me. at this time I worked the imaginary one very as all the children. I did not have amiguinhos and I did not have with who to play. The traditional toys do not attract me, I liked to invent my toys, exactly liked age cacos. My very difficult alfabetizao.

In the school I read cartilha direitinho, however in house I not it obtained to spell. In cartilha it was the drawing of a knife and the dotted ones. I looked at for the estrbicos eyes of my mother and he gave a white to me. I wise person that I went to apanhar and delivered the torture to me without fighting. It looked at me to mother and it vaticinava, you goes to be a failure, you was born to be nobody, you is she-ass.

Nothing of it hurt that me. I already was accustomed to the pedagogical beatings. Until certain day I did not know the lesson and the teacher seated to me side and she spoke to me: you are very intelligent and I answered I am not I I am she-ass. It raised and bawled, never more repeats this. I did not repeat but I continued hearing, thing that I heard until the twenty and three years. still I hear. It is alone to remain one week in mother company who it finishes with all my auto-esteem. The form to defend age praying and thus I to me turned the quack the family. To the fifteen years, more or less, I stopped to see things imaginary. I tired to dream. To dream mainly of the marriage that would be my letter of emancipation.