Argue about which logs better – female or male – do not want to. This is stupid and pointless. But the difference between the two is certainly there. And it's not the number of dressed / undressed girls on the cover and pages, and not in that women's magazines write about cooking, cosmetics and pregnancy, and male – about weapons, extreme sports and cigars. I will share my observations on what mood are they, and others, as are the opposite sex, love, sex. Of course, I mean not the journals and their authors, who, ultimately, shape public tastes and patterns of behavior, offering readers or imposing their opinions. 1.

The authors are men's magazines to women are ironic and condescending, the authors of women's to men – often aggressively. Perhaps this happens because men are still not too worried about who is the boss, because thousands of years, this role belonged exclusively to them. And women only in the twentieth century had the opportunity to realize himself, to prove that they are not stupid, not primitive, not darker. And prove it until now, sometimes in its virulence with respect to the opposite sex. Examples? Well, where do without them! Quote of the men's magazine: "The woman – a creature that now and then looks at you with a look like you're this second robbed her blind grandmother, but categorically refuses to explain what it is dissatisfied. " Yes, ironically, so condescendingly, but still soft and without malice. Quote of the women's magazine: "mama's boy not a day can not live without their parent.