Crown Case Report

That is the clinical Crown lengthening?, as its name indicates it is added we to a Crown size, do this with a very simple surgical procedure. Having made a proper clinical examination, radiographic and general health, and if necessary, laboratory tests, if the patient needs it, then proceed to anesthetize the patient under local anesthesia, and proceeds to measure the margin of free gum that we have available and make a cut with a scalpel with bevel to all the gingival marginOnce we have succeeded in eliminating the gingival margin, are going to coat with surgical cement, and the patient returns to remove the cement in a few days. PSX: the source for more info. Immediately the cement is removed, we must adapt the temporary Crown to cover this new space we have gained by removing the marginal gingiva, otherwise we run the risk that the gum grows and retake the space we had cleared. Indicate the patient some rinses and/or special creams to prevent bleeding, inflammation, and infection. Camden treatment associates may find this interesting as well. This case of elongation of Crown was made by Dr.