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This console, since its appearance in the market in 2006, has been gained popularity and followers around the world. Its success lies in its wireless controller, which allows to feel the realism of the game with all the adrenaline that this entails. This type of consoles, along with their remotes, can acquire them at any computer store. There you can also get the latest releases of games for wii consoles. The interesting thing is that the console is used, not only by children but also by their parents. There are games that are adapted to all ages and have different themes. Here are some of the developments.

-Disney Sing It: Family Hits. This game of Dysney proposes to play in family, singing over the notes of the most recognized songs in his films. You can play solo or a 4 players. It promises fun at group Recalling the best hits of Dysney. -Beach Fun Summer Challenge: ideal for enjoying the competition Sports Beach, as if you were really there. It allows up to four players to participate.

-Kart Racer: it is an excellent emulator of racing in kart, where the participant can feel the adrenaline of the competition track in all its dimensions. -Lets play ballerina: an excellent emulator that astonished girls who dream of being ballerinas or they love to dance. This game aims to develop different choreographies of classical music, where the protagonist is developing your career, experiencing new challenges. -10 Minute Solution. It occurs as a great alternative to the practice of fitness, above all, intended for individuals who have little time. It proposes plans for periods of 10 minutes that will help keep in shape your silhouette. -LEGO Harry Potter – Years 1-4: one of the most anticipated by the kids, that games impact on your design and gameplay. History suggests that the main characters of Harry Potter through different adventures and challenges over four years of residence in the school of magic. -thinkSMART Family!: A sensational proposal which allows to develop and measure different skills of the participants, such as language, memory, math and logic. It raises individual and group challenges where the intellectual coefficients may be measured. A fun and educational, game designed for the entire family. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Scream Awards Trailer Terri Lee Princess Ballerina Doll Terri Lee All About Network Ballerina Pumps Countdown 108 Challenge defies time and wins major awards.: love songs and music to fall in love:. Genetic improvement of livestock in Codo de Pozuzo ready Inforegion Environmental press agency