Aloe Vera

(Mask of carrots shredded for half an hour. Clean with cold water) Calendula: (repeatedly apply the juice of calendula on the stained area) cucumber: (crush a cucumber and apply the juice on stains) peach tree: the tender leaves of Peach can be used for the external care of the skin, removing stains, grains and other impurities from the same. (Squeeze a few sheets and apply the juice on the affected area) Caffeine, tobacco and be much time before a computer collaborate in stains, a way to eliminate them is by using water oxygenated, with cotton: ends you evenings in the spots that you want to delete and will gradually disappear depending on how dark this stain that you want to delete. How to avoid stains on face 1 – the Sun should not be taken between 11 AM and 3 PM because it is more intense during these hours. When we go to the beach or simply have the outdoor activities it is better to make them in the morning or after 3 PM. Scars of barros, pimples or scratches can cause spotting if exposed to the Sun constantly.

If we have scars, it is even more important to protect them from the Sun. 2. Do not use products with alcohol in the Sun. These products include some cosmetics and more than all perfumes. If you are going to expose you directly at the Sun, it is best to put these perfumes under clothing or not use them. 3.

On the beach: everyone loves the beach and there is no reason to deprive us of it but continues the previous Council and used sunscreen. If you want a Tan the safest way is to use a self-Tanner. 4 When we swam we recommend using a sunscreen waterproof (waterproof). But remember that nothing is 100% waterproof so it must be reaplicarlo out of this. It is recommended to apply sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before going in the Sun. 6. If these on the beach and feel skin irritation must be removed from the Sun and applying a soothing cream. One of the best natural remedies for this is Aloe Vera. 7. If there is sunburn should be treated immediately if sunburns are not treated in time continue acting for almost 24 later. In other words the sun still burning you skin for 24 after being allowed to receive. ** The spots on the skin are not 100% preventable but are not infallible, and with a little care can prevent them especially if in our family tends to develop them. Original author and source of the article