Training Process

From this state, suddenly displays voice coach: we must complete and return to the general terms of the last phrase, agreement, mark, and our subgroup of closes the circle. The coach asks the question, introduces landmarks and we have another wave to the next level, and now the analysis, the answers, conclusions, decisions arrived at by you, we have come. Voice coach is not loud, but rather, gradually gaining strength, as the statement that the allotted time is up. We are all in the general circle, the coach again, asking questions, and I hear the answers, in which explanation is that the long-troubled "Is there a place in this process, the charismatic authority of a coach who has a hypnotic effect, infecting the participants of training his ideas, views, emotionally captivating for you? Here at the forefront other qualities, which are aimed at ensuring an effective learning process. Summarizing therefore, Summing up all told, will now try to answer the question: could it be useful to the organization of the coach with charisma? The charismatic coach will be useful to the company, if you want to arrange a holiday, the show may rest, all this submit a sauce of training and staff to treat with this dish.

Perhaps the employees feel cared for leadership, perhaps because of something to increase their motivation, can all finally find a common language and be able to agree or just to be able to communicate. That is the cornerstone put additional product training, and basic – the increment of new knowledge and skills development – is seen as a side: would it be so, but not – or not. The main condition – So it was interesting that the participants were satisfied! That no boring things, leadership is not an enemy of the staff! If the primary task – teaching staff, development of skills, solving actual problems, then solve These problems can only be a professional. A professional management of the Training Process and charisma as a way to influence an audience, in principle, incompatible.