Catholic Catechism Favors

For the history of the intellect and the European philosophy, the philosopher Discardings, still more aggravated the vision of the world centered in the man, with sadly famous his cogito ergo sum, fodder, soon I exist. This phrase became a powerful program of action, reducing the spirit to the brain of the man. The rest of the world is inert matter, an animal is not more than a handful of cells, that Discardings it compares with a mechanism, whose pains are not for more than hissing of a machine. This scorn by the animal has its continuation in the present Catechism of the Roman catholic Church, that emphasizes the right to the inmisericordioso dominion of the man on the other creatures, and gives via free without limitation to that the animal are used for the feeding and clothes manufacture, that allows the experiments with animal and that the suffering of the animal only condemns thus this one contradicts the human dignity . (Catechism, Rd.N2417). Nowhere is some Encyclical against the cruel treatment in the laboratories, the cages of the young farms, in the transports or the slaughter houses. He is more, the high ecclesiastical dignitaries enjoy the bullfights of bulls and defend the cruel games with animal during the festive celebrations of the Church. In them goats throw themselves from a church, they sacrifice themselves as living oracles to doves tied with explosives and in Christmas the slaughter without equal takes place to celebrate the Celebration of the love properly. Universal life original Author and source of the article