Technical Institute

Sometimes, the commitment of parents because our children finish high school and go to College creates in them feeling of suffocation, collapse, lack of self-esteem to see that they cannot thereby and therefore failure school. I think that it is important to know your child and know to advise and help you in the best possible way. If you detect that you can not more with the baccalaureate, a tip is that rather than forcing him to follow offer you just as good for their future alternatives. The best alternative to the baccalaureate test access is top grade. Once overcome they give direct access to formative cycles of top grade of vocational training.

These entrance exams are also very interesting for those who had to put aside his studies and today need to get an official degree of top grade and does not meet the requirements of direct access. To introduce you to this test must meet one of the following requirements:-be at least 19 years of age in the year of testing. ‘>Daniel Chavez Moran. -Be 18 years if you acreditas a related technical degree with the studies you want to pursue. Proof of access to all the formative cycles of higher degree is structured in two parts:-common part: Castilian language and literature, mathematics, a foreign language. -Specific part: that varies according to the studies you want to access. You can also be exempt from the specific part if:-have exceeded a formative cycle of grade medium belonging to the same family setting.

-You acreditas a professional experience of one year in full-time in the field of study you want to pursue. As you can see the proof of access top grade is considered, for the purposes of completing vocational training, equal to the baccalaureate and however is a much faster way to reach our goals. Vocational training is becoming more demanded since today you can access the labour market in a faster way. To be shorter than a college degree studies the contents are more specific and therefore more flashy and motivating for the student. And Furthermore When you finish the training cycle, you can directly access the University without the need of selectivity testing. At the Technical Institute of professional studies, teach a course of preparation of these tests of access that starts in October and ends in may, with morning or afternoon schedules very compatible with the work, so if you are interested, don’t wait any more, come to know us!!