Version 5.2 of StarOffice was published in June 2000, and version 6.0 was released in May 2002. The most extraordinary development of StarOffice 6.0 is that it occurs mostly in the context of the project of open source of For the purpose of enabling their development, Sun made public the code source of most of the StarOffice modules (except for some modules from external providers that have not entered into the project) and established the project. Advantages of to) cross-platform and support MS-Office works interchangeably on Linux, Windows, Solaris and Mac OS X systems. The great advantage of this represents is clear, since adopt as backbone of office automation training, never will condition us any decision that is taken in relation to the operating system under which you run the software. In addition, its use on a Linux platform, can let available Windows licenses for the courses for which the use of the latter is essential.

On the other hand exports and imports in almost perfect shape, any document in Word, Excel or PowerPoint format, which allows great flexibility to share information with other users, most of whom used, predictably, Microsoft Office. (b) savings for Administration and centres of training overview of costs which represents for the Administration and training centres, the introduction of as a basis for training Office, regardless of the number of machines on which need to be installed: software licensing cost: 0,00 is there to extend it in any sense? (c) savings for students students of occupational training are no longer before the alternative diabolical spend their euros in software licenses or have illegal copies of it. Now you can enjoy at home, with full legality and free of charge, of the same program used in the classroom, without any limitation of use.