Electronic Invoices

As you may know the term electronic invoicing is very fashionable lately because in a few weeks will take effect compulsory in Mexico. There are different terms to refer to this, is you’ve also heard call: invoice telematics, digital invoice, electronic referral, among other forms. Electronic billing is the method by which referrals is done in digital formats, which are previously certificates legally. Much has been said about if it is OK or not to incorporate electronic invoicing in Mexico, but instead of seeing the negative things is recommended take full advantage, because it is a fact that will be mandatory in 2011. Some advantages that are obtained to invoice electronically are as follows: greater efficiency optimization of Treasury savings Tramites information in actual times reduction in management time agility in making effective decisions use of financial resources among other elements to highlight are the cost savings and efficiency that will be obtained. It is said that you saves since even if you have to spend on the purchase of the software of invoicing, long-term it will be much cheaper because you’ll save on paper, ink, and shipping. The company equipped with electronic billing system will be much more productive because it will streamline processes and billing time will be shortened.