About our company

ABOUT U.S. Global Deli is a company formed by a group of young entrepreneurs who wish to start their own businesses based on their own efforts by offering an innovative product based on elder. VISION Being a leader in the marketing of natural products in the domestic market. MISSION Produce and market food products. Committing ourselves to be a company: innovative, competitive and strongly oriented to the satisfaction of our customers and consumers. OBJECTIVES Achieving Global positioning Deli in the domestic market. Search the export of the product. CORPORATE VALUES Trust: Basis on which is built around Teamwork: Sharing, learning from everyone. ” Passion for what we do. Quality: Our company must be creative, efficient, productive and with a high ideal of Quality and Service. SOURCES OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Global Deli has 3 points that make a difference: Sauffito is a totally natural, uses no preservatives or artificial flavoring is made from fruit Andean native and domesticated Peruvian biodiversity The elder who is an Andean fruit native to Peru’s biodiversity grown mainly in Cusco and Ancash in the year with great potential for agro-industrialization and export in the form of jams, naturally sweet flour and for international markets.With many properties that people still do not have much knowledge as: It is one of the best tonics sweat Antiinflammatory It is also used for smoking cessation flu To treat skin conditions, among others. The muffin, Muffin is an English word that is translated into Castilian as “cupcake”. It’s a roll that has a cylindrical base and a wider part up, forming a mushroom. It is a medium-sized dessert that is baked little over a mold and then wrapped in a paper in bottom.