Print the infant period is the first year of life, the first quarter one of the most critical periods from the nutritional standpoint, since it is going to produce phenomena of maturation of organs. Breast milk is the only evolutionarily prepared food for the newborn and therefore recommended as the choice in all cases be excluded only when the mother is receiving medical treatment pass into breast milk or a failure occurs by the mother or baby that sucks the milk. FOOD STANDARDS ALONG THE FIRST YEAR: First quarter of life: in the first month will be given breast milk or formula lactic home, being able to prove from the second month to introduce teaspoons orange juice and the same in the third. Second semester: from the fourth month with above foods can be introduced without gluten gruel, and may introduce a fruit porridge making, which may have apple and banana. From the fifth month they can put a slurry of meat and vegetables. Third quarter: give these down and we begin to introduce gluten flours. In the seventh month we add egg yolk in the preparation of food (always cooked).And in the eighth month introduced cautiously fish. Fourth Quarter: During this quarter we will begin to introduce allergenic foods carefully and begin to structure the food for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, and may give one last shot that would be the pray. As of last month may start to grind food with a fork instead of spending all the blender. You can start to put dairy desserts such as yogurt, soups, pasta …. .