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Let me make and control the money of a nation and I care not who governs.
Mayer Amschel Rothschild
At a time when rulers enjoyed absolute power over his subjects, as was that of monarchies, the solution found to the bankers not to lose your money and your head, when the Kings began to come to them for money to finance his wars, was to finance both rivals, the opponent is discreetly financed. leads It also demanded a share of real power immediately in the form of titles of nobility, land or publicly traded. This dual strategy was always the advantage of ensuring the return of the money and keep your head on your post.
It was the hallmark of certain families of bankers, including the present one, who in the nineteenth century adopted a cosmopolitan pose a social and an exaggerated interest in assuming the debts Brain Trauma Foundation of individual governments, so they just know as’ bankers internacionales
Simultaneously to Mayer Amschel was enriched by his strong will, wit and lack of scruples, Adam Weishaupt founded the order of “perfectibility” better known as the Illuminati, Mayer Amschel soon realized that both want the same thing, to change the status quo a format that would favor but would have to act behind the scenes, the Illuminati had already been officially destroyed in 1784 and dismissed its members and in hiding for the time Mayer Amschel who will gather in their own home in Frankfurt in 1786, at reunion which according to experts the main goal was the major guidelines of the French Revolution. Some years later the MP and member of the Public Health Committee of the National Assembly, Joseph Cambron recalled that from 1789 to “the great revolution hit everyone except financial.”
Jugada teacher
During the Napoleonic Wars, Rothschild supporters alike Bonaparte and Wellington, but the teacher made the move following the battle of Waterloo. One was privileged spectators of this battle and once it is assured that Mars sonreia went to England and Prussia gallop bursting successive frames, pay a lot of money to cross the English Channel and then continued to London where his gallop on the Stock Exchange Securities English was desperate to sell shares at any price. Other brokers know the value of the information handled by the Rothschild interpreted Napoleon had won the war with what the panic that gripped the market fell to minimos ever seen. A small group of players Rothschild bought anonymously for the actions of the British war debt to be sold at a miserable price.
From this point the Rothschild did more to increase their power to be without rival in Europe and began a new challenge for them, the conquest of America.
The prophet
German Romantic poet and also a member of the secret Carbonari, the public July 12, 1842 text with a strange air of prophecy in the journal Franz sische Z stade, Hamburg in the warning that: “Communism, which has not yet but that appeared powerful and will appear INTREPID and selfless as … thought was identified with the dictatorship of proletariado ‘and’ but now he speaks very little … will be the dark hero who reserves but a great role in modern passenger tragedy. Just wait to enter the order escena . Also predicted “the war between France and Prussia, which will be only the first act of great drama, the prologue. The second act Quadrant Asset Management will be Europe, the universal revolution, the great duel of the dispossessed against the aristocracy of the property. So do not speak more of nation or religion. Only there will a homeland, the Earth. And one faith, happiness on Tierra “because” there will probably only one flock and one shepherd, a shepherd with a crook of free iron, and a flock shearing and human balando so uniforme .
Who to these predictions as it provided for the prophet advent of communism, the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and globalization, and first used the expression dictatorship of the proletariat, then appropriated by Lenin, was Heinrich Heine.
In addition to the well-known facts of his life to be found in any encyclopedia, which is associated with popular characters of his time as Humboldt, LaSalle, Victor Hugo, Balzac or Wagner and acquired fame for his lyrical poetry, reflected in Cuadernos releases its journey, it is much less known that he was the nephew of the banker Salomon Heine in Hamburg, which at the University of Berlin had regarding Hegel (author of the concepts of thesis, antithesis and synthesis which was then used by the Illuminati) and that was one of the closest friends of Karl Marx. A passive strategy involves a minimum of input and is based on … in securities, including in its Quadrant investment strategy in sales …
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