Whither TV

Where is the TV Take note of this because the future of television has to do with the future of societies and the way you Mexican television will be exactly as we go to you and me in the coming years. There are two main movements: the insight and globalization. The introspection refers to TV channels rather than seeking new strategies, return to their origins. Corporations are so large and with so much tradition that can not commit any kind of risk and focus on sustaining the built in other national and international contexts. The globalization is a movement in which the networks of different countries struggle to associate, by co-producing, sharing risks and take the lead. They are usually young or small companies that have “little” to lose, everything to build and they will make by walking. Televisa and TV Azteca are strings that represent perfectly the movement of introspection and Argos, Telemundo and 52 MX, companies who vote for globalization. Do not ask him to attack or defend Televisa or TV Azteca the way they are or to promote or condemn Argos, Telemundo and 52 MX by the way they move. I ask you to understand them because only by understanding that we can understand what is happening and what could happen in the future. The number of families who depend on TV Azteca and Televisa is impressive, as impressive as the millions of dollars that it costs them both corporations everything from the rights of a football game to the production of a soap opera. When a TV Televisa or TV Azteca fails, the strike is monumental, while the rest of his productions have to leave the utility needed to prevent a financial catastrophe. So both companies are decisions that are made. I am not defending anyone, but try to understand the panic that can sense an executive of San Angelo or Ajusco when you drop the rating when their melodrama set of six million dollars has to go off the air too soon . A loss of six million dollars is not anything. Many jobs are going away, hundreds of people lose their jobs, come the disappointment of the advertisers and the depression of the team. Considering the mega size of Televisa and TV Azteca, which billed more than a year the television industry full of various Latin American countries, each board of directors should be a slaughter. Under what criteria should be allowed a project Who will guarantee that a certain soap opera who will work better than another Both television stations are like sumo wrestlers trying to get into the tiny tourist-class seats on some aircraft. They are a mess because the bigger they are more complex is its internal communication, more expectations and begin generating other kinds of conflicts that good or bad habits from former administrations into resistance from some people toward technological change and attitude. Attack the big fish is an international sport and this includes Televisa and TV Azteca but also to the Vatican and the war in Iraq. Their heads are living their own hell because many times, but wanted to stop the train to take him to other avenues, can not be the inertia prevents, size and other traps generated by its own success. Argos, Telemundo and 52 MX are good examples of television motion globalization because they are leading the way in a brave and cosmopolitan. Argos co-produced with Telemundo to anywhere in the world (except Mexico) and 52 MX is a cable channel made from Mexico for the Mexicans established across the Rio Grande. Here are other points that should be considered.