This agreement is

This agreement is for purposes of one of its goals of increasing the participation of micro, small and medium enterprises as suppliers or contractors of the Federal Government. Specifically, the Federal Government is committed to not less than twenty percent of purchases made by the government to be provided by micro, small and medium enterprises. The items of business with which you can participate are: Materials and office supplies, furniture, maintenance of computer equipment, data processing services, office maintenance, electrical equipment, building materials, forms, studies, uniforms, tools, parts, tires, equipment and medical equipment, dental and veterinary chemicals, food services, surveillance, security equipment, freight, creation of trails, civil works, among many others. On page of the Ministry of Economy and on the website of the Ministry of Civil Service and specifically Compranet, you will find these procedures with the caption: “Sell to the Government: Business Opportunities” From here the informative post of the Secretary of Economy ——-> The steps to follow to access these opportunities are: 1) Check the list of goods, services and public works. 2) If any of the procedures for procuring goods or services can offer and are interested in an appointment with the government purchasing areas, we ask that you send us an email at the following address: vendelealgobierno with the following information: Name and address of the company or individual concerned with business Name of legal representative and / or contact the company Telephone, with area code Contact e-mail Goods or services interested in selling to the Federal Government (detail features), and Institution or department to which you are interested to sell (please be specific). 3) A public servant of the Ministry of Economy made the appointment with the entities and relevant units and inform you via email the date, place, time and the person you will receive. You may be able to be received in conjunction with other suppliers or contractors. 4) It is important that if you wish to schedule an appointment consider the following: be a company or individual with business formally established To be a micro, small and medium enterprises according to the classification published in the Official Journal on 30 June 2009, and Provide immediate response capacity and technical resources, financial and other necessary and whose trade or profession is related to the goods or services sold. 5) To achieve greater effectiveness in this process, by far, the events that agenda will be related to business opportunities posted. 6) After your interview, send you email an inquiry to know your opinion of this process.