Web Site Development

Web site development process as a technological and creative. Involves working with the customer and developer. The site can generate from 1 to 100, depending on the complexity of the project. Sites by a single person, often unprofessional. Because one person is not able to cover such a huge amount of work and knowledge. Specialists needed for a full-fledged writing site: an artist. The artist intended to compilation of songs, harmony, blending the right colors, concept. The artist is responsible for the correct "light" on the site.

The artist's work to create a resource is necessary in order that the visitor would not a desire to leave from the resource as quickly as possible, for a harmonious composition of various objects: people, flora and fauna elements, buildings. web designer. Web designer by creating mock-ups drawn by artists design, according to the needs of Web technologies. Web-designer creates effects that picks up nuances of the final placement of elements on the page. The web designer must also be arts education.

To develop a resource should take into account the maximum number of rules of usability, to adapt it to all existing browsers. While writing a design resource for web designer must take into account the layout of the resource. All effects should be tailored to adapt the site for browsers, it is necessary to create a good layout. Excellent make-up of no small importance when developing the project, and during its progress. So subsequent specialist coder. coder is someone who is in the development of web resources is responsible for its fast download speeds and under different display correctly in browsers. The fact that a resource was simply mark up, and adapted to the web – must take care of web-dizyner. On how to mark up a site depends on its display. When writing the site should be used very carefully multitone crossings, gradients, multi-effects. programmist.Programmist makes the site manageable, if necessary. tester. The tester tests the site in accordance with technical requirements for the presence of bugs and flaws.