Barna Research Group

Moral ethics was at the heart of a national survey in 2001 conducted by Barna Research Group. This study revealed that one in four adults is only poor moral decisions. In addition, nearly 50% of the surveyed adults said they base their moral decisions about what will bring more welcome or good results. George Barna, who led the research project, said: the majority of people did not believe that there is a source of absolute moral truth busy people, regardless of their faith affiliation, tries to improvise when it comes to moral decisions. Moral ethics is considered relative. In relation to culture, in relation to the circumstances, and in relation to the specific needs of the individual. Seems that today in our world the right is wrong and how badly this correct. The result is the very basis of our society and that the culture is crumbling beneath our feet.

This is so because we, as a nation, We have lost the way. Already the principles on a solid basis are not built for knowing the difference between good and evil. That moral basis in our country came from our faith in God and obedience to his word. (Greg Laurie, Harvest Ministries) moral ethics was a main base of the United States of America. Although the story declares that America was founded on a basic principle of freedom of religion, the historical reality is that United States was founded on the right of religious expression known as freedom of religion.

A quick history lesson will reveal that there is no concept of freedom of religion in our Constitution, nor is there one implied. Our founding fathers cite thousands of Scriptures from the Bible, and declared openly use the ten commandments to write the laws of this great nation. In reality, they were standing on the lands of the Government while they read the Bible, directly at the time cited Scripture in speeches, and while they were praying together. There are more than 4,500 appointments recorded in public by our founders fathers of the Bible, including the importance of the ethical moral based on Christian principles. All these statements were delivered, while the leaders of the Government were on the same property. It is not an historical absolute evidence that the founders of this nation and the writers of the Constitution never believed in freedom of religion, nor in a silencing free speech about religious things, while on Government land. This is a recent concept. A recent turn of history that we believe that it corresponds to a decline in moral ethics. Moral ethics is a foundation of this great nation. However, morality is not relative is based on the absolute authority of Biblical truth. However difficult it for us OK in this 21st-century techno culture, this country and its moral backbone is based on Christian principles. Finally, we must not forget the character religious of our origin. Our parents were brought here by their veneration for the Christian religion. They traveled by its light, and worked in his hope. They tried to incorporate its principles with the elements of their society, and spread its influence through all its institutions, civil, political, or literary. (Daniel Webster) original author and source of the article