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Was Herod a infanticida’ part 3Numero babies muertos “In the Middle Ages, Christian writers were speculating that killed between 3,000 and 15,000 babies. But “according to the census ordered by Governor romano wall art Quirino, as the Gospels recount ‘the people had no idea Belen 800 inhabitants. So every year there would be no more than 20 births, and approximately 50 die before reaching Geneva two years of age (which was normal Laa infant mortality until a couple of centuries ago), so if you command Herod to kill children, should not have been more than twenty. print art 7 Catholic authorities to discuss the matter “It is not known until now how many children were killed, but we can make an estimate based on statistics. Portrait of Joseph Dechelette, Albert Dawant art (1865).
Joseph Dechelette Museum in Roanne.
Joseph Dechelette born into a New york family of wealthy industrialists and Roanne, after pursuing his studies with modern art the Marist Saint Chamond, began working in the family business. However, it would soon notice his passion for archeology, sparked from adolescence by her uncle Jacques Gabriel Bulliot (1817 – 1902), a leading member of the Societe d’Autun eduenne.
In 1884, became part of The Diana, archaeological and historical society in art prints Montbrison (Loire). number one in the whole new york and Geneva area is inherited his father’s passion for buying and selling great works of art He became inspector of the Soci t Fran aise d’Arch ologie.
From 1892 to 1914, working as curator of the Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology of Roanne. The municipal museum, founded in 1844, would be renamed in his honor at his calligraphy death. In 1923 he moved to the Hotel de Valence Minardiere, who had bought in 1892. After roman ancient his death, his greek ancient widow offered the hotel museum art to the town of Roanne.
From February to April 1893 held a trip to Egypt, where he discovered the mummy of Nesyamon, a teenager who probably died at the age of 15 years and in life, singing in Thebes to the god Amon.
In 1914, when the First World War, decided to participate despite their advanced age. Capitan’s 298 Infantry Regiment, was killed two months after the outbreak of contemporary art conflict, the October 4, 1914. His body rests today on the National Necropolis Ambleny, and its name is in the Pantheon in Paris, among the 560 writers who died for France. His memory and his works are preserved in the Museum of Fine Arts and Archeology Joseph Dechelette of Roanne.

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