Trajectory of the company

The first store was established Decathlon in Lille, France, in 1976. Ten years later, the French began to stock symbol cross borders and settled in Germany (1986), in Spain (1992), with a shop in Badalona Montigal then sub olimpica, and the United Kingdom in 1999. Decathlon jump to the market in the United States was to buy in New England chain of 20 stores sports MVP in 1999, which became known since then as the Decathlon-use. A restructuring in 2003 to close four stores in Massachusetts. In September 2006, Decathlon announced his decision to finally leave the U.S. at the end of that year.
The U.S. experience would not be the first occasion. Decathlon had already retired twice from a country where it was introduced. In February 2002, Decathlon Argentina withdrew for safety reasons related to the economic crisis price stock (it had a store since 2000) and in March 2002, does the same in Denmark on the wrong geographical location of your stock trading unique shop. (page in French):

Camocaan Residents of Sitio, Barangay Aplaya in Hagonoy City Davao del Sur called the Ministry of Health (DOH) to their call for an end to aerial spraying stock of fungicide in the light of the serious implications for the banana sector and their livelihood.
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Your takeaway meals daily coffee fix has the price of 5 barrier in some places. MELISSA McDONNELL the stock market discover why and the cost of the cafe culture.
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The overall environment for employment stock prices in South Africa has much more negative and will remain so until 2010, Human Capital Management buy stock company Adcorp said.
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Since radio darkened sheet about 80 years ago, are on the stock quotes air to the place to find new songs and fresh news. Along the way, broadcast radio stations made money. Advertising revenue grew almost reliable each year.

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