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Mexico City, June 2 .- The Federation of Unions of Workers in the Service of cancer the State (FSTSE) announcement before June 15 will be nutrition announced salary increases for more than one million 150 thousand civil servants who are not affected by the budget cut announced by the Ministry of Finance in an amount of 35 billion pesos. The leader of the national bureaucracy, Joel Ayala Almeida, advance before the first fortnight of this month will launch the corresponding salary increase to over one million 150 thousand workers in the service of the State, without negotiations and total amount of increase to its revenue, it appears affected by the spending cuts that run company the Federal Government since last Monday. The nomination procedure is to companies determine the gross value generated by each employee, make deductions, calculate the net pay, prepare checks for payment and maintain an individual record of accrual for each employee. In addition, the company needs sales a summary of payroll for each period products and usually a distribution of payroll costs health by department, by product or by ranking in the various production processes. The role of the nomination has become increasingly complex and slow in recent years, due to the establishment of the contributions to be made through payroll. Each employee must receive not only your paycheck, but also a detail that shows the gross earned, deductions and net pay.
Besides, it is necessary to correct accounting of all the concepts involved in the calculation. the moment I started using is an excellent way to help your health 496,900 minimum salary of transport integral Minimum Salary 59,300 6,450,700 ( 4,696,000 1,490,700 salary and benefits)
Payments parafiscal: Sena ICBF 2 3 composition of 4 charges Layoff benefits Prima 8.33 8.33 Service 4.17 Holiday Pay Interest on the 1 monthly
Social Security Employee Health Company 8.5 4
Employee Pension Company 12 4 Total 16
Overtime and night surcharge. Hour night time routine x 1.35 extra time that day is between 6:00 am and 10:00 vitamin pm Ordinary Time x Time 1.25 extra night from 10:00 pm and 6:00 AM. Ordinary Time x 1.75 Ordinary Time Ordinary Time Sunday or holiday x 1.75 extra daylight time Sunday in Ordinary Time or festive x 2.00 extra time Sunday night or holiday time in ordinary x 2.50

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The construction of event histories, wage rates, and unemployment benefits (Studies in vitamins labor market dynamics) by Richard Boltinus Larsen (Unknown Binding – 1983)