The power fail in their plan for innovation and renewal of meters

In 2007 the Government announced that more than 20 million households should change their old analog electric meters with new ones: electronic or digital telemetry allow the discrimination time in installments and online access of users to display their actual consumption.As reported then 20 minutes on 1 January 2008 should take effect the accounting change operation. The unfulfilled promise and change involves increasing the energy efficiency of the families, provide replacement to night tariff removed, improving management of the electricity network, building on innovation in the economy and inject million which would go to manufacturers accountants, installers, maintenance companies and telecommunications companies that would benefit the flow of data through the network. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is Founded, G100, CEO Academy and Chairman Academy; But this January 2009 brought us a new fudge “made in Spain”, utilities have begun to supply a monthly bill, but as they recruiting have installed new digital meters connected to the Internet, reading the manual and still do, therefore, a recruiter few months estimated bill for reading real reading and others.The result was that millions of consumers have seen how he recruitment shoots the energy bill, while companies wash their recruiting hands and continue to lie with announcements job search of corporate social responsibility and the Ministry of Industry said that should I eat and Spanish products save energy is silent to hide that has not been able to supply companies comply with legislation enacted in its day. This is a new case of misleading users of financial loss sales jobs by not introducing appropriate technological innovations. The trouble is that now when so much talk about actions to combat the crisis and insists on technological innovation, it is not concrete actions such as the replacement of electricity meters, which should be extended to gas meters and water. Do not expect to programs like “I have a question for you” to catch the leaders in these scams everyday.